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EMURGO Academy Partners with INTELLEQ to Drive Blockchain Ecosystem

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EMURGO Academy and INTELLEQ have partnered to deliver Blockchain ecosystem across the nation by providing training and consulting services. The companies will work to build capacity through awareness programs and training initiatives. The partnership will also mentor and consult with start up’s in Blockchain.

“IntelleQ, in partnership with Emurgo Academy, are providing a wide range of courses on Blockchain. These courses are surely going to help transform business processes and enhance mission delivery in the Commercial and Federal Government sectors in the USA,” said Chandra Sabbavarpu, Member, INTELLEQ.

The partnership will offer training courses to developers, students, universities, professionals and leaders to help expand blockchain technology. “This collaboration will also help immensely to build a complete Blockchain Ecosystem in the USA,” Sabbavarpu added.

This strategic business expansion aligns with both EMURGO’s and INTELLEQ philosophy and mission to drive the adoption of blockchain ecosystem.

“EMURGO would be able to leverage its expertise in blockchain and AI/ML to ensure that we are able to train and do capacity building and mentor young aspirants to foster blockchain adoption in USA,” said E. Venkatesan, CEO EMURGO Academy.