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Microsoft Launches Top Secret Cloud Service; Tom Keane Quoted

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Microsoft has developed a new cloud service to protect agencies’ data that is classified as “top secret,” the company announced Monday. The company will continue to work with the US Government on accreditation for Azure Government Top Secret

“The broad range of services will meet the demand for greater agility in the classified space, including the need to gain deeper insights from data sourced from any location, as well as the need to enable the rapid expansion of remote work,” said Tom Keane, corporate vice president of Azure Global.

Azure Government Top Secret regions provide the same capabilities as Azure commercial, Azure Government and Azure Government Secret, with a higher level of integrated security. Microsoft’s new solution will enable a continuum of compute from mission cloud to tactical edge.

Microsoft’s ‘top secret’ cloud option will enable federal agencies that manage sensitive data to gain greater flexibility in modernizing their legacy information technology systems. The company will leverage tools that work across a wide range of skill levels, from business analysts to developers to data scientists.

“Microsoft is focused on mission enablement. Missions are enabled with workloads. Workloads live within enclaves that house varied levels of data. Microsoft is enabling seamless, secure, cost-contained agility across mission workloads at scale,” said Carroll Moon, CTO of CloudFit Software.