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Collins Aerospace Enters Strategic Collaboration with Boom Supersonic to Advance Nacelle Technology; Marc Duvall Quoted

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Marc Duvall
Marc Duvall President

Collins Aerospace Systems, a unit of Raytheon Technologies, has signed a collaboration agreement with Boom Supersonic to advance nacelle technology on Boom's Overture, the company’s forthcoming flagship supersonic airliner.

"Through improved acoustics and lightweight materials systems, we can provide the next generation of supersonic propulsion systems with the nacelle technologies that not only enable higher performance and lower fuel burn, but also quieter operation," said Marc Duvall, president, Aerostructures, Collins Aerospace.

Collins Aerospace engineers will collaborate with Boom to develop inlet, nacelle and exhaust system technologies that enable fuel-burn reduction and cutting-edge acoustics for cleaner and quieter supersonic flight. 

The engineers will integrate lightweight aerostructures and variable nacelle geometry. The combined engineering team will investigate the development of advanced acoustics and variable inlet and exhaust technologies required to minimize aircraft noise for passengers and airport communities, as well as enhance performance.

Overture is in its design phase with plans to finalize the configuration and begin building the first airliner while XB-1 is flying supersonic. Boom has projected to launch the first completed Overture aircraft in 2025, with entry into service planned for 2029.

"Having completed 19 nacelle certification programs over the past decade, we're uniquely positioned to collaborate with Boom Supersonic to create new propulsion-system solutions that will be key enablers of Overture's success," Duvall added. 

About Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace Systems is a leader in technologically advanced and intelligent solutions for the global aerospace and defense industry. Collins Aerospace has the capabilities, comprehensive portfolio and expertise to solve customers' toughest challenges and to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving global market. 

With 2019 net sales of approximately $26 billion, the business has 71,000 employees across more than 300 locations globally. It is one of the four businesses that form Raytheon Technologies.