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DOE to Invest $65M in Power Grid Modernization Project; Dan Brouillette Quoted

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has earmarked $65 million in funds to extend its network of grid-interactive and efficient building communities in the U.S.

Daniel Simmons, assistant secretary for energy efficiency and renewable energy at DOE, said in a statement published Tuesday the department aims to help the U.S. implement green power sources, enhance environmental performance and modernize its power grid via the Grid-Interactive Efficient Buildings program.

"As our Nation’s energy system continues to undergo dramatic transformations, there is a growing need for solutions that integrate and optimize all of our energy resources on the grid to provide Americans with the most reliable and affordable electricity possible," said DOE secretary Dan Brouillette.

The department noted the effort may increase the number of testbeds supported by the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy such as Reynolds Landing in Alabama.

According to a report by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Reynolds Landing utilizes 34 percent of power during winter and 44 percent of energy than other all-electric communities.