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Cisco Launches New Solutions to Support IT Operations; Todd Nightingale Quoted

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Todd Nightingale
Todd Nightingale SVP

Cisco has launched new solutions designed to simplify IT operations across on-premise data centers and multicloud environments, the company reported on Wednesday. The solutions will deliver greater scale and innovative application experiences.

“Today, Cisco is announcing IT platforms for multicloud operations that provide advanced insights and automation to help organizations transform faster," said Todd Nightingale, SVP and GM, Cisco Enterprise Networking and Cloud.

Cisco’s solutions will enable users to control their IT and operations by providing greater visibility from the application to the infrastructure. Cisco has launched Cisco Intersight to provide a hybrid cloud platform that connects private data centers to private clouds.

Cisco Nexus Dashboard is an automation platform to operate multicloud data center networks to drive the adoption of cloud-native application practices. Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) will simplify secure network access across all domains, extending the zero-trust workplace.

In addition, Cisco has announced new solutions to support governmental organizations with business resiliency efforts. Cisco’s solutions will enable justice and legislative systems to continue critical functions that support remote operations. 

Webex Legislate is a secure, purpose-built cloud solution that will extend Webex's built-in security and privacy capabilities. The new solution has met the specialized requirements of global legislatures.

These new solutions bring secure delivery of virtual government services across multiple platforms of previously disparate technology to provide greater efficiencies, reduce cost associated with travel and maintain public safety.

"The beauty of Cisco's courtroom technology, using Webex and the underlying secure infrastructure, is that the public now sees virtual courtrooms as a way to keep the wheels of justice turning, not only during Covid-19, but beyond," said Elkhart County Director of Information Technology Matthew Dietz. "For judges is it was easy to use and serves our citizens efficiently—allowing people to take a 15-minute break to attend a hearing instead of spending a half-day in court."