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Pentagon Launches New AI Tool to Deliver Data in Near-Real-Time; Gen. Richard Clarke Quoted

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The Pentagon has announced that it will deliver a new artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Entropy, to special operators, which will enable users to conduct psychological operations in near-real time in the information environment

“As we look at the ability to influence and shape in this environment, we’re going to have to have artificial intelligence and machine-learning tools, specifically for information ops that hit a very broad portfolio,” Gen. Richard Clarke, the commander of US Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), said. 

Entropy will help reduce the cognitive challenges of personnel performing military information support operations. The tool is currently under development by the Department of Defense’s (DoD) Joint AI Center (JAIC). Entropy will facilitate forces to compete in this dynamic environment in near-real time.

JAIC has created the tool to ingest data streams consisting of both text and video from what the military calls the information environment and provide the operators with summaries of trends based on the information.

An active portion, which is still under consideration, and would build upon the passive component that is currently under development. In the active portion, the systems will take the topics identified, feed them into a language model, then downselect messages for the team to review and score. This would help train the algorithm to improve. 

“We’re going to have to understand how the adversary is thinking, how the population is thinking, and work in these spaces in time of relevance. If you’re not at speed, you won’t be relevant," Clarke added. "What we need is adapting data tech that will actually work in this space and we can use it for our organization.”

A minimum viable product for Entropy has already been built and is undergoing testing. The system was designed for USSOCOM Pacific and focuses on three languages: Tagalog, Mandarin and English. Officials said it could be deployed to another region, but it would require language retraining.

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