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Tamr Secures $60M Contract to Automate Air Force Configurations; Mike Gormley Quoted

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Tamr has been awarded a potential five-year, $60 million contract from the U.S. Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office (AFSEO) to accelerate and automate the flight certification process and provide recommendations for new flight configurations, the company announced on Thursday.

AFSEO has selected Tamr to mine the technical content in historical documents using their machine learning software and technical expertise to quickly identify relevant antecedents that can support the engineering decisions to protect pilots and aircraft as well as meet the evolving mission. 

Tamr will integrate machine learning to quickly search and sift through more than 30 years of data to automatically make recommendations 'by analogy'. This recommendation would take weeks for an engineer to develop manually. 

Tamr will enable AFSEO to predict if a configuration is safe based on previously approved configurations. Tamr’s work will result in increased ROI and utilization of existing Air Force aircraft and efficiency of AFSEO engineers and analysts. Tamr will also save time per request and will automatically tag more than 60 thousand historical documents, enabling analysts to find relevant studies faster.

 AFSEO is responsible for verifying safe flight operating conditions for planes loaded with new stores, including sensors, weapons, electronic warfare pods and other aeronautic devices, as well as new configurations.

"AFSEO performs difficult tasks to deliver a very important capability to current and future generations of aircraft," said Mike Gormley, lead for Tamr Government Solutions. "This contract demonstrates their confidence in Tamr to improve the organization's current throughput and agility for future mission requirements."

About Tamr, Inc.

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