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Unisys, IDEMIA Launch Biometric System for Australian Department of Home Affairs; Rick Mayhew, Tim Ferris Quoted

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Rick Mayhew
Rick Mayhew

Unisys Corporation and IDEMIA have launched the Australian Department of Home Affairs' new Enterprise Biometric Identification Services (EBIS) system, Unisys reported on Wednesday

“EBIS provides Home Affairs with greater confidence in verifying an individual's identity for efficient and early detection of criminals and persons of national security concern who change names and obtain passports using false identities,” said Rick Mayhew, vice president and general manager, Unisys Asia Pacific. 

Unisys designed and implemented the system within 18 months of signing the contract with the department. EBIS is based on the  company’s Stealth Stealth multi-factor identity management and authentication solution, to support face, finger, iris and voice recognition.

Using IDEMIA's facial and fingerprint recognition algorithms, the company’s offering will create the most accurate biometric identity management systems used for visa and border processing within Australia. 

The core of EBIS' fingerprint and facial biometric matching solution uses industry-leading biometric matching algorithms from IDEMIA to quickly and accurately match fingerprints and facial images.

IDEMIA's flagship product Multi Biometric Search Services (MBSS) is a multi-biometric engine that uses face and fingerprint matching algorithms. The  product will combine high scalability with high availability. It will be integrated within IDEMIA's world-leading biometric algorithms.

“We have worked closely with the department and our partner IDEMIA, the global leader in Augmented Identity, to deliver one of the world's leading solutions to help protect Australia's borders and national assets," added Mayhew.

EBIS will be to match the facial images and fingerprints of people traveling to Australia, including visa applicants and the facial images for citizenship applicants. The system will simultaneously facilitate the processing of legitimate travelers and has been designed to support the growth in visa applications, border clearances and applications for citizenship.

To facilitate travelers' journeys, border clearance staff need to efficiently verify the identities of travelers and confirm they are who they say they are to prevent delays, avoid queues and improve the overall experience for travelers. In the future, EBIS will provide the capability to quickly flag people who may be crossing the border with fraudulent identities.

"We are thrilled to provide the biometric engine that powers the EBIS solution… The combined strengths of IDEMIA behind Unisys provide the Department of Home Affairs with a flagship platform to secure the border now and into the future," said Tim Ferris, president of IDEMIA Asia Pacific and senior vice president for Public Security and Identity. 

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