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Ted Ross, SpyCloud’s CEO, Co-Founder, to Serve as Panelist at Potomac Officers Club’s CMMC Forum 2020 on June 24th

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Ted Ross, co-founder and CEO of SpyCloud, will serve as a panelist at Potomac Officers Club’s CMMC Forum 2020 on Wednesday, June 24th.

Ross brings more than 29 years of industry experience, focusing on network and security. He began his career with the U.S. Air Force, then was director of network engineering at West Corp. He has also worked with Walmart as a strategy advision and with Tipping point as an executive technology director.

He created a new team at HP as director of threat intelligence at HP Security Research, that was centralized around threat intelligence practice from the ground up. His team created reports on nation-state threat groups that were considered to be the most comprehensive reports on select adversarial nation’s cyber capabilities.

On the panel, Ross will use his knowledge and experience he gained from his career in the industry to discuss the regulation changes within CMMC, and how it will affect both government and industry employees.

As CMMC’s revision has moved away from self-certification, it has replaced current National Institute of Science and Technology’s (NIST) standards for cybersecurity with a five-level system of requirements for defense contractors.

Ty Schieber with the University of Virginia, Richard Naylor of the Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency, Terry Roberts with WhiteHawk, and Dawn Greenman with John Hopkins University will serve alongside Ross as panelists at the forum.

The panelist will use their time to address the CMMC’s timeline, how the certification process could change and will provide a memorandum of understanding with a newly established CMMC accrediting body.

Join Potomac Officers Club for its CMMC Forum 2020 on June 24th to learn about the impact DoD’s CMMC will have on cybersecurity practices, supply chain security and other aspects of the federal market.

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