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DoD to Refine Medical Facility Operations; Tom McCaffery Quoted

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Tom McCaffery
Tom McCaffery

Department of Defense seeks to refine the structure of medical treatment facilities across the military for boosted readiness and improved clinical training. A report, titled "Restructuring and Realignment of Military Medical Treatment Facilities," features plans to restructure 50 of these sites across the globe, the Military Health System said Wednesday.

"Military readiness includes making sure MTFs are operated to ensure service members are medically ready to train and deploy," said Tom McCaffery, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs.

He added that the effort aims to fortify the facilities' capacity to train medical personnel and maintain the health of warfighters. Congress has received the report's final version that summarizes and explains all changes covered under the effort.

Among these changes is the transition of civilian beneficiaries to the TRICARE program that features a network of health services. Thirty-seven of the 50 selected MTFs will eventually only cater to active-duty servicemen.