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Sen. Edward Markey Poses Questions About Clearview AI’s Facial Recognition Tool

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Edward Markey
Edward Markey

Sen. Edward Markey (D-Mass.) sent a letter to Clearview AI CEO Hoan Ton-That expressing concerns about the privacy risks posed by the company’s facial recognition tool.

In the letter, Markey wrote that Clearview’s tool allows users to capture and upload pictures of strangers and analyze the biometric data of photographed individuals. He noted that the technology could be used by foreign adversaries to collect data about a particular individual for blackmailing.

“Any technology with the ability to collect and analyze individuals’ biometric information has alarming potential to impinge on the public’s civil liberties and privacy,” the lawmaker wrote.

He also expressed concerns about reports that the company offers its product to law enforcement agencies across the country.

Markey asked Clearview to respond to 14 questions by Feb. 12. The senator asked the company to submit a list of law enforcement and intelligence agencies that currently use the tool or have been approached by Clearview; provide the results of bias assessments the company has performed on its product; and describe the cybersecurity practices of the company to protect the data.