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Potomac Officers Club Announces Sam Robinson of the FBI for Security Vetting Process Modernization Update on Aug. 14th

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Sam Robinson of the FBI

Sam Robinson, deputy director with the Department of Justice for the National Vetting Center (NVC), will be featured as a panelist during Potomac Officers Club’s Security Vetting Process Modernization Update on August 14th.

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During the event, GovCon leaders from the public and private sector will discuss Phase One of the National Security Presidential Memorandum-9 implementation plan and how Phase Two will continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of vetting through a series of enhancements.

Robinson was assigned to serve the NVC as the deputy director by the Department of Justice. In his role, Robinson represents and directs DOJ equities in coordination with the NVC’s efforts to expand and improve the National Vetting Enterprise and provides policy-level guidance regarding NVC activities, resources and mission development.

Robinson has demonstrated a strong commitment to targeting priority threats through integration of intelligence and operations and through collaborations with other divisions and agencies. He continues to utilize his experience and knowledge of various threat issues, continues mitigating threat actors in the United States and around the world while strategically integrating intelligence and operations to ensure intelligence collection aligns with priority threats.

After graduating from the FBI Academy, Robinson joined the agency in 2003. He worked in criminal and counterterrorism investigations in the Newark Field Office and continued to expand into counterterrorism investigations, counterintelligence and counter-proliferation matters in the Norfolk Field Office by 2010.

In 2014, Robinson led a team strategically focused on targeting terrorism threat actors with a nexus to weapons of mass destruction facilitation networks back at the FBI’s headquarters. He managed a group dedicated to Strategic Operations within the FBI’s Counterterrorism Division to oversee global counterterrorism targeting and overseas counterterrorism human intelligence operations. He was also selected to serve as the chief of staff for division until transitioning to his current role with NVC in 2018.

On August 14th, Potomac Officers Club will host the Security Vetting Process Modernization Update at the 2941 Restaurant in Falls Church, Va. Monte Hawkins of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will be the keynote speaker for the event. Gator Harvey of Northrop Grumman Technology Services will serve as the moderator for an expert panel featuring Casie Antalis and Eric Peters of CBP, Sam Robinson of the FBI and Lori Vislocky of DHS.

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