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NIST Plan Calls for Federal Agencies to Back AI Standards Development

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Jeff Brody

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has issued a plan outlining a set of measures federal agencies to support the development of standards for artificial intelligence in compliance with an executive order signed in February. 

“This plan provides a path to ensure the federal government supports AI standards that are flexible and inclusive – and suited for a world of rapidly changing technologies and applications,” Walter Copan, NIST director and undersecretary of commerce for standards and technology, said in a statement published Monday.

The document calls for federal agencies to strengthen AI standards-related knowledge, coordination and leadership as well as advance focused research on the trustworthiness of AI platforms, expand public-private partnerships to advance the use of AI standards and engage with international organizations to advance AI standards for U.S. national security and economic needs.

NIST issued a draft plan in July and received comments from over 40 government, industry and academic organizations. The agency also conducted a workshop in May to seek public comments on the plan.