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DHS Building New App for Faster First Responder Navigation

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Jeff Brody

The Department of Homeland Security partnered with industry to develop a new app to improve how first responders navigate areas during deployment. DHS said Tuesday its Science and Technology Directorate is working with technology firm Azimuth1 to create the QuickRoute app, which uses more data sources than commercial navigation apps to provide responders with more flexibility. 

The tool sets the route based on the type of vehicle and uses its size, capabilities and roadway protocols to find the appropriate roads leading to the incident. S&T and Azimuth1 brought QuickRoute to Maryland for field tests in April along with first responders and transportation stakeholders.

The agency intends to make modifications to the app based on feedback gathered during the test. Meanwhile, the QuickRoute team is refining its back-end system, which enables users to record and assess routing data for future operations. S&T intends to release the app in the second quarter of 2020.