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NNSA Sets Strategies to Modernize, Secure US Nuclear Security Enterprise

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The National Nuclear Security Administration issued three strategic documents providing information on how the agency and its partners can form an integrated approach to modernize the U.S. nuclear security enterprise to address emerging threats.

“We are at our highest level of activity since the Cold War, and these three documents will ensure that our enterprise of some 44,000 employees has a common vision and an integrated approach to strengthening the nation’s nuclear security,” Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, under secretary for nuclear security and NNSA administrator, said in a statement Monday. 

NNSA’s Strategic Vision aims to ensure the agency remains responsive to nuclear security and strategic defense needs of the country. Through the Governance and Management Framework, the agency will promote its One NNSA team approach to increase mission integration and strategic planning between federal headquarters, field office staff and partners at NNSA laboratories, plants and sites.  

The last document, the Strategic Integrated Road Map, highlights the agency’s current and future mission priorities to modernize and secure the nuclear security enterprise. The efforts include maintaining the stockpile, countering threats, keeping the nuclear Navy moving, utilizing new scientific and technological discoveries and modernizing infrastructures.