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DoD Granted Access to OPM’s Enterprise USALearning Platform

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The Office of Personnel Management signed an agreement with the Department of Defense enabling DoD personnel to access OPM’s cloud-based USALearning education platform, OPM said Friday.

The move comes as part of the DoD Reform Management Group’s initiative to use the USALearning ecosystem to streamline acquisition and technical support for the department’s training and education programs. The RMG agreed to utilize USALearning resources to maintain the Pentagon’s enterprise Common Learning Record Repository as well as its Common Course Catalog and web portal last year.

“We are creating a streamlined system to reskill DoD personnel with more speed, efficiency, and respect to the taxpayer dollar,” said Margaret Weichert, OPM’s acting director.

Previously, OMB designated USALearning as a best-in-class shared service center.