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White House Unveils National Strategy Protecting US From Space Weather Events

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The Trump Administration released a new national strategy to guide the federal government in protecting the country’s critical infrastructures and security for future space weather events, such as solar storms and flares. White House unveiled the National Space Weather Strategy and Action Plan on Friday that aims to help the country prepare, predict and manage with space weather hazards.

The document provides a collaborative and coordinated roadmap in increasing resilience of homeland and national security critical assets and systems and to find methods to forecast and characterize space weather events. The White House also plans to create response and recovery plans to help reduce the impact of extreme weather events in space.

Sweden saw the latest space weather events in 2003 and 2015 that caused electric power blackouts, rerouting of commercial flights and closure of Swedish airspace for more than an hour. In late March, President Trump signed an executive order on coordinating national resilience to electromagnetic pulses to avoid such damage to the U.S. in the future.