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FedRAMP Sees Progress With Tailored Authorization

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Two years after the launch of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program’s Tailored baseline for low-impact software-as-a-service, 25 percent of participating agencies secured authorization for their cloud services. FedRAMP announced Thursday that 11 cloud services were implemented with the authorization. 

The program was introduced to speed up process for agencies to partner with cloud service providers and to secure an authorization. In 2018, the government authorized cloud services in less than 90 days.

“Tailored empowers agencies to define the use case for SaaS services, evaluate risk and tailor security requirements,” FedRAMP said. 

The Tailored baseline also guides agencies in risk management, consolidates security and assessment data and assists in managing low-risk SaaS products. To speed up authorization, the FedRAMP Program Management Office said agencies and cloud service providers should focus on public-private partnerships, transparency of software security, security requirements, selecting the right stakeholders and coordination with the program office.