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Army Looks to Get New Weapons to Deter China, Russia in Modern Conflict

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The U.S. Army plans to increase its focus on building and acquiring new weapons systems that would give the military enhanced capability to fight China and Russia in a “high-intensity conflict,” Defense One reported Tuesday.

Senior officials are talking with commanders about new weapons and technologies, which include long-range artillery, attack and reconnaissance aircraft, air and missile defenses and command-and-control networks.

Mark Esper, secretary of the Army, said he wants to reduce funding for vehicles and aircraft to support the development of new systems that would be used in Afghanistan and Iraq and could deter Russian or Chinese air forces.

A series of Army reviews in 2018 suggested cutting nearly 200 weapons projects could save an additional $25 billion. Among the programs that might be cut include upgrades to Boeing-made CH-47 Chinook helicopters and procurement of Oshkosh-made joint light tactical vehicles. Esper noted the Army has not finalized the proposed cuts.