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Frontis Wiggins: State Dept Seeks to Streamline FITARA Implementation, IT Acquisition Via Franchise Concept

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Frontis Wiggins

Frontis Wiggins, chief information officer at the State Department, has said the agency aims to address issues with the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act implementation as well as change the way it acquires IT platforms and services through IT franchises.

Wiggins told Federal News Radio in an interview that aired Friday the IT franchise concept would require every office within the State Department to comply with certain standards and make adjustments to their implementation as required based on their location.

“You look at the CIO’s office as a franchise organization… and you have downstream franchisees that then have an agreement that says they will abide by the following rules and regulations,” he told the station.

“The idea is we are going to create a template and pilot it with a couple of early adopters and actually have them help us adjust the franchise arrangement,” Wiggins added.

Wiggins also cited other the agency’s IT efforts such as the migration of applications to the cloud, initiative to provide WiFi service to agency employees worldwide and the department’s adoption of the two-factor authentication process.


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