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Ritu Agarwal: Mobility to Increase Role in Healthcare Over Next Four Decades

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healthcare systemA group of healthcare consultants has vouched for personalized medicine and mobility as aspects that will increase their role in the healthcare industry’s over the next 40 years, the Washington Post reported Friday.

Mobility is going to be indispensable in patient care as it has been in other industries, predicts Ritu Agarwal, founder and director of the Center for Health Information at the University of Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business.

“Through tracking, maintaining information, being reminded what you need to do to stay healthy, we can achieve a lot of the quality and cost goals that we’ve set for ourselves,” Agarwal told Dan Beyers, editor of the Post’s Capital Business section.

Beyers also spoke to Karoline Mortensen, assistant professor of health services administration with the University of Maryland Public Health, and Shandy Guharoy, vice president for information technology for Evolent Health in roundtable discussion the Post published.

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