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Profile: Aneesh Chopra

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Aneesh Chopra

Aneesh Chopra is a senior adviser of healthcare technology strategy at The Advisory Board Company, having rejoined the company in February after previously serving as federal chief technology officer for three years.

Before accepting the U.S. CTO position, Chopra served as managing director of the Advisory Board from April 1997 to January 2006.

The Advisory Board Company is a global research, consulting and technology firm that works with hospital executives to serve patients.

As an assistant to the president, he designed the National Wireless Initiative and carried out an open innovation strategy across the agencies, designed to be based on private sector collaboration.

According to his official bio, this opened data into the health, energy and education markets. Tech leaders also used the strategy to develop consensus standards and sponsored prizes, challenges and competitions to tap into entrepreneurial problem solvers.

Before joining the White House, he served as Virginia’s secretary of technology under Gov. Tim Kaine from 2006 to April 2009.

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