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N. Va. Lawmakers Address Mark Center Traffic Congestion in Letter to Panetta

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Photo: Leon Panetta, DoD

Northern Virginia Representatives recently wrote to Defense Secretary Leon Panetta asking for more oversight at the Mark Center, which is an area of concern due to the Pentagon’s transportation management plan.

The plan is part of an effort by the agency to prevent traffic congestion near the Mark Center during its occupancy schedule.

According to Fairfaxnews.com, the occupancy schedule will transfer 5,000 employees to the Mark Center by the end of this year, with remaining employees arriving in 2012 before transportation improvements are completed in 2013.

“We are concerned that the Department’s occupation plan is going forward before the appropriate transportation improvements and mitigation measures are in place,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter.

“In particular, we are disappointed to learn that the DoD has decided to reduce the number of shuttles routes from Metro to the Mark Center from four to five, in clear contravention of the Department’s July 2010 Final TMP,” the lawmakers added.

The lawmakers came up with ideas on how to reduce the impact of traffic on the surrounding roadways and they include changes being made to the current TMP and the urging of the Pentagon to implement mandatory traffic-mitigating measures.

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