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FBI Director: No One Entity Can Stop Cyber Crime

3 mins read
Photo: FBI New York
Photo: FBI New York

Last week’s International Conference on Cyber Security 2010 brought together global leaders and representatives from more than 40 countries in emerging cyber threat analysis and enforcement at Fordham University’s Lincoln Center campus in New York City.

Held Aug. 2-5, the joint effort between the FBI and Fordham University gathered representatives from various law-enforcement and government agencies, academic institutions and private industries. Among other related topics, participants discussed advancements in cybersecurity and emerging cyber threats.

Speaking at the conference, FBI Director Robert S. Mueller, III said a cyber attack could have the same impact as a well-placed bomb.

“To date, terrorists have not used the Internet to launch a full-scale cyber attack,” he said. “But they have executed numerous denial-of-service attacks and defaced numerous websites.”

He added later in his speech that no one entity can stop cyber crime.

“A ‘bar the windows and bolt the doors’ mentality will not ensure our collective safety,” he said. “Fortresses will not hold forever; walls will one day fall down. We must start at the source; we must find those responsible.”

Acting Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI New York Division George Venizelos said in addition to the domestic partnerships, the international partnerships give invaluable contributions and intelligence-sharing efforts for use in examining the field of cybersecurity.

“ICCS 2010 has served as a perfect venue to advance the fight against cyber crime,” he said.

President of Fordham Joseph McShane said it is both natural and providential that Fordham join with the FBI to convene experts in law enforcement, academia and industry on the integrity of the nation’s cyber infrastructure.

“In its second year, this conference, and the close partnership it represents, is a model way forward in protecting what has become a critical component of the global intellectual marketplace,” he said.

FBI New York Special Agent in Charge of the Cyber/Special Operations Division Mary Galligan stressed a collaboration between government and industry to combat cyber crime.

“The growth of cyber crime and the impact it has on the world affects not only the United States, but the international community as well,” she said. “ICCS afforded the FBI and our foreign law-enforcement partners an opportunity to share ideas and enhance the already strong bond that exists around the globe. The mitigation of today’s complex cyber crime can only be achieved through collaboration between the public and private sector.”

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