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New Energy Initiatives to Improve Security

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Offshore drilling AFPThe U.S. will begin to wean off of foreign oil. Yesterday, President Obama announced that there is going to be a series of energy initiatives put in place in order to improve national security. These initiatives include plans to use more off-shore drilling.

When addressing an audience at Joint Base Andrews-Naval Air Facility Washington in Maryland Obama said, “This is particularly relevant to all of you who are serving in uniform.”

He continued to say, “For decades, we’ve talked about the risks to our security created by our dependence on foreign oil. But that dependence has grown year after year after year.”

The country is on the move to clean-energy. Other energy initiatives include increasing the number of hybrid vehicles, and even reduce the number of vehicles in the federal fleet in general. This will be yet another way to limit the country’s dependence on foreign oil.

In his address Obama stated, “Now the Pentagon isn’t seeking these alternative fuels just to protect our environment; they are pursing these homegrown energy sources to protect our national security.”

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