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HHS Secretary Sebelius on World Health Day

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T_1238999487un-world-health-day“Urbanization and Health: Urban Family Matters” was the theme of this year’s World Health Day. The goal of last Wednesday’s World Health Day was to remind citizens that those who live in cities are at the most risk for poor health.

The Department of Health and Human Services has a priority of bettering the health and quality of life for those people who live in cities. According to HHS Secretary Sebelius, “At HHS, we are please to join the World Health Organization and people around the world in answering World Health Day’s call to action, and to work closely with the international community to improve life and health in cities at home and abroad.”

The public health challenges include air pollution, water pollution, poor nutrition, and limited adequate housing. As the number of people in cities grows these challenges grow and today 80% of Americans live in cities.

What is being done? The EPA takes steps to reduce pollution, the Department of Housing and Urban Development takes steps to build more healthy housing situations, and HHS takes steps to limit the number of children with asthma. HHS and other federal agencies will continue to work together to protect urban health.

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