EPA’s Lisa Jackson Speaks at Climate Change Rally on the Mall

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mall-blogSpanEarth Day 2010 was celebrated into the weekend. Yesterday, April 25,  thousands of people attended the Climate Change Rally on the National Mall from 11 am to after 7 pm.

Sting, John Legend, The Roots, Jimmy Cliff, Passion Pit, and Bob Weird and several other artists performed live music for the rally attendees. Some notable speakers included James Cameron, Avatar film director and Lisa Jackson, EPA Administrator.

Jackson discussed the need for greater awareness regarding climate change.

Another speaker was Denis Hayers, who helped start the first Earth Day 40 years ago. He encouraged the audience to gather support from friends and family because “we’ve failed on the outside-the-Beltway crowd.”

There were educational booths at the Rally to inform the attendees about some of the latest green technologies. President Obama gave a taped message on the big screen giving hope for climate legislation.

The goal was to demand attention and accountability, as well as bolster support to demand climate change legislation. The message was clear: we need to inform others and work together to secure the environment’s future before it is too late.

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  1. “My immediate thought on seeing the graphs was that the gas has fluctuated on a huge scale without any hand from us. I then ran my finger along the carbon dioxide data over the past 800,000 years: with all the natural changes, its level never got above 300 parts per million. Now it’s 387ppm. This is what the fuss is all about. ”

    * Why not write it out as it is, an increase of 0.000087. It seems infinitesimally small when you put it like that doesn’t it. What’s so special about 800k years ago besides it being a convenient place to start measuring if you want to promote alarmist?

    * What do you have to say about the other 4.4 Billion years of earth’s history when CO2 levels were hundreds of times higher or lower than the recent past?

    * Why should we believe the “Hockey Stick” graph’s assertion of accuracy for past climate, when it fails to correlate to the past 40 years of temperature records via thermometer. (This was the hidden decline).

    * Why should we find solace in a Climategate investigation done by parties with obvious financial vested interests, like Lord Oxford (member of GLOBE), the BBC (their pension fund) or the Labour government.

    * What good is it for the British Tax Payer to pay for a solution that won’t even stop the supposed problem?

    * Why should we sacrifice when the majority of global emitters will not sacrifice, making ours expensive and in vain?

    * When will the government stop selling Global Warming Indulgences (carbon credits), that negate the very solutions they propose?

    * Why should we believe an environmental correspondant who wouldn’t have a job if it weren’t for the alarmism?

    * Does it have to be a “Global Conspiracy” for global warming to be a fraud, or could it merely be that all of the journalists, scientists and politicians have so much to gain in the form of source material, funding grants, and green votes?

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