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Lt. Gen. John Shaw on Deep Space Exploration

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Lt. Gen. John Shaw, deputy commander of U.S. Space Command, participated in a panel discussion on Monday at a conference in Las Vegas and talked about deep space and the security challenges facing deep space exploration, the Space Force said Tuesday.

“I think there will always be national security needs,” Shaw said.

“That automatically means that there is a security issue facing commercial companies that we need to be thinking through in the future as we enter a potential crisis or conflict,” he added.

Shaw highlighted the need to implement guiding principles to advance a more sustainable and safer space domain.

“I would like to see this idea of cooperative ‘norms of behavior’ that support all of the sectors, the commercial, the civil and the national security, again, to be something that we can share across the globe,” he noted.

He also cited the importance of collaboration in addressing security issues in the space domain and the role of the commercial sector in advancing deep space exploration.