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Labor Department Requests Comments on Proposed Changes to Form LM-10

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The Department of Labor is seeking comments on proposed changes to the Form LM-10 issued by the Office of Labor-Management Standards to require certain employers to report their status as federal contractors or subcontractors.

The department said Monday a checkbox will be included in the form for employers who engaged with reportable activities to indicate if they worked under a federal contract or subcontract in their prior fiscal year.

The form will also add a field for employers’ Unique Entity Identifier and information on the federal contracting agencies, according to a notice posted on the Federal Register.

“The change would give workers access to information about the indirect source of funding used to persuade or surveil them in connection with organizing and collective bargaining,” said Jeffrey Freund, director of the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

Responses to the request for comments are due Oct. 13.