Pentagon Submits 2022 National Defense Strategy to Congress

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The Department of Defense has submitted to Congress its 2022 National Defense Strategy outlining ways how DOD will advance and protect U.S. citizens and other national interests while defending democratic values. 

DOD on Monday released a fact sheet on the classified NDS document and listed its four defense priorities, including defending the country against multidomain threats posed by China, deterring aggression and strategic attacks and establishing a resilient Joint Force and defense ecosystem.

According to the fact sheet, the Pentagon considers China as its “most consequential strategic competitor” and will work with NATO allies and partners to strengthen deterrence against “acute threats” posed by Russia.

The department also cited persistent threats from Iran, North Korea and violent extremist organizations and the need to adapt to climate change, pandemic and other transboundary threats.

The Pentagon also sent to the legislative branch its Missile Defense Review and Nuclear Defense Review, which were incorporated into the NDS.

The 2022 NPR reflects the U.S. commitment to reestablishing the country’s arms control leadership and reducing the role of nuclear weapons while maintaining an effective and safe nuclear deterrence, according to a separate fact sheet. 

The 2022 MDR recognizes missile defense and its contributions to a “resilient defense posture” that seeks to reassure allies, provide military options to prevent risks of escalation and reduce confidence of adversaries in use of missiles.

DOD said the release of unclassified versions of NDS and Nuclear Posture and Missile Defense Reviews is “forthcoming.”

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