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White House Seeks to Address Near-Term Supply Chain Challenges With New Task Force

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The Biden administration will form a supply chain disruptions task force to help address short-term supply chain challenges and address near-term mismatches between supply and demand in areas such as semiconductors, construction and agriculture.

The establishment of the new task force is one of the recommendations outlined in the 100-day supply chain review reports released in accordance with an executive order signed by President Biden in Feb. 2021, the White House said Tuesday.

The compilation of four reviews submitted to the president contains recommendations that are divided into six categories, including rebuilding production and innovation capabilities, supporting the development of markets that invest in workers, value sustainability and drive quality and leveraging the government’s role as a purchaser of and investor in critical goods.

The White House outlined some of the initiatives it has started to address vulnerabilities in U.S. supply chains. These include collaboration with semiconductor companies to identify improvement in supply chain management practices, the administration’s efforts to address cyber threats to U.S. supply chains and critical infrastructure and the Department of Defense’s announcement to invest in a rare earth element processing company.

The administration also cited specific actions federal agencies will carry out to help secure the domestic supply chain for advanced batteries, support domestic production of critical medicines, address semiconductor shortages and support U.S. workers and innovation.