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Army, Air Force Fund Quantum Computing Research; Sara Gamble Quoted

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Quantum Computing
Quantum Computing

Researchers at University of Massachusetts Amherst have discovered a new type of quantum error correction that could help advance the development of a fault-tolerant quantum computer, which could provide the military with data processing capabilities needed to fight in multidomain operations, the Army reported Tuesday.

The Army Research Office (ARO) and the Air Force Office of Scientific Research funded the research work, which tailored the friction experienced by quantum bits or qubits to achieve a passive QEC where the quantum errors are rectified spontaneously.

“This is a very exciting accomplishment not only because of the fundamental error correction concept the team was able to demonstrate, but also because the results suggest this overall approach may amenable to implementations with high resource efficiency,” said Sara Gamble, quantum information science program manager at the Army Research Office.

“Efficiency is increasingly important as quantum computation systems grow in size to the scales we’ll need for Army relevant applications,” Gamble added.

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