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OMB’s Russell Vought on Developing AI Regulations

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Russell Vought, director of the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), has asked U.S. department and agency heads to reduce "unnecessary barriers" to artificial intelligence innovation and growth in compliance with the Executive Order 13859 that seeks to maintain U.S. advantage in AI.

In a Nov. 17th memorandum, the OMB head shared principles that should be considered by agencies when taking regulatory or non-regulatory actions related to the development and deployment of AI applications.

Vought noted that government approaches should promote reliable and trustworthy AI applications to contribute to public trust in the technology, and should include the public in the process of adopting AI regulations to boost agency accountability and enhance regulatory outcomes.

Safety and security, interagency coordination, fairness and non-discrimination, as well as scientific integrity and information quality should also be taken into account by agencies for their AI regulations.

The director added that risk assessment and risk management should inform the creation of AI regulatory and non-regulatory approaches. "Agencies should be transparent about their evaluations of risk and re-evaluate their assumptions and conclusions at appropriate intervals so as to foster accountability."

Agencies are also encouraged to collaborate with private sector standard-setting organizations on the effort.