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DOE Allots Funds for User Facility AI Research

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has invested a new round of funds worth $37M in artificial intelligence research projects that aim to support scientific facilities. 

DOE said Monday it will use the funds to finance 14 projects across seven national laboratories in an effort to automate facility operations and support data-related activities such as analysis and modeling.

The allotted $37 million will cover three years of work, with fiscal 2020 and outyear funds worth $11 million subject to approval by Congress. DOE conducted a peer review and selected projects that tackle user facility topics such as particle accelerators, nanoscale science research centers and large X-ray light sources.

“Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have the potential to transform a host of scientific disciplines and to revolutionize experimentation and operations at user facilities in the coming years,” said Chris Fall, who leads DOE’s science office.