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HUD, NIH, IRS Leaders Talk RPA Deployment Initiatives Amid COVID-19

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The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) are each working on efforts to deploy robotic process automation to streamline operations amid the ongoing pandemic, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Stacy Dawn, senior adviser for cybersecurity and privacy at HUD, said at a virtual ATARC panel that the department is creating a Digital Services Program Management Office to address RPA needs. HUD is also looking into applying multifactor authentication for a new technology meant to automate payments and other tenancy-related operations, she added.

Glenda Conroy, deputy chief financial officer and director of the Office of Financial Management at NIH, said the agency is currently working to transition some of its workloads to the Department of the Treasury’s Invoice Processing Platform.

“But in the interim, we needed a short term solution to be able to receive our mail electronically,” Conroy added.

Speaking on the IRS’ RPA efforts, the agency’s Special Assistant Mitch Winans said they are working remotely to utilize automated capabilities meant to shift focus from mundane tasks to higher-value work.

“So we’re definitely trying to leverage a few bots that we have for some compliance check processes in the procurement office, also a contract clause review tool that helps us make sure we’re staying up to date quickly on regulations and policies, and things like that,” he added.