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DOE Allots $131M for Carbon Capture Tech Projects

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The Department of Energy is investing $131 million in projects for technologies that would allow users to gather, store and apply carbon dioxide.

A new funding opportunity announcement, titled Engineering-Scale Testing from Coal- and Natural-Gas-Based Flue Gas and Initial Engineering Design for Industrial Sources, will support the development of technologies that absorb CO2 from industrial sources, DOE said Friday.

DOE will use $46 million of the announced funds to finance the new FOA, and use the remaining fraction for five projects under an existing FOA titled Carbon Storage Assurance Facility Enterprise. This older FOA aims to field carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies on a faster, wide-scale rate.

These efforts altogether seek to use CCUS technologies for greenhouse gas reduction. DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory will perform management duties for efforts under the two FOAs.

“Carbon capture, utilization and storage technologies are key to addressing global emissions issues, particularly important in developing nations, by making carbon-intensive production and generation cleaner than we ever thought possible,” said Mark Menezes, undersecretary of energy.