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Christopher Wray Talks FBI Goals in Addressing US Cybersecurity

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Christopher Wray
Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray, director of the FBI, has said that the influx of cyberattacks and intrusions meant to weaken U.S. infrastructure is “unrelenting”, the Boston Globe reported Wednesday.

Wray told attendees at a Boston College event that hackers acting on behalf of U.S. adversaries aim to steal research, technology, ideas and “anything that can give them a competitive advantage.” He noted that adversary attacks primarily come from China, Russia, Iran and North Korea.

“We can’t just fight this threat one by one: One bad guy at a time, one syndicate at a time, one victim company at a time,” said Wray. “We’ve also got to tackle the cyberthreat as a whole, applying our capabilities, our intelligence, and our partnerships to their full extent.”

According to Wray, the FBI will continue to work on indicting cybercriminals and imposing potential sanctions on foreign actors.