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NSA Continues Academic Engagement Program

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The National Security Agency has renewed an effort to bolster its scientific and technical workforce through partnerships with academia. NSA said Monday that it invites colleges to take part in the OnRamp II program that offers scholarships, internships and cybersecurity research opportunities to students.

OnRamp II seeks to engage science, technology, engineering, and mathematics students who come from underrepresented communities. The program would also grant faculty members the opportunity to rest and take a break from teaching. 

“We are really excited about this new chance to partner with colleges and universities and to provide opportunities benefitting students, faculty, the institutions, as well as NSA,” said Kathy Hutson, the agency's senior strategist for academic engagement.

OnRamp II follows the program's first run that began in 2009. The initial run provided academic, financial and career support to participants. The agency will select up to four schools for OnRamp II's first year. Interested universities and colleges may submit proposals through April 10.