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DHS Allots Over $1B for Fiscal 2020 Public Safety Projects

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The Department of Homeland Security is investing almost $1.8B in grants under a new funding opportunity for fiscal year 2020 public safety efforts. The FY 2020 grants support security projects across transportation authorities; local, tribal, territorial and state government bodies; nonprofits and commercial firms, DHS said Friday.

These projects aim to prevent, deter, respond to and recover from emergency events such as natural disasters and acts of terrorism. FY 2020 focuses on the areas of intelligence and information sharing, soft targets and crowded places, emerging threats and cybersecurity.

DHS also requires participants of the Urban Area Security Initiative and the State Homeland Security Grant Program to allot 20 percent of grant awards for the FY 2020 focus areas. The investment also supports Operation Stonegarden that aims to foster collaboration across all levels of government for boosted border security.

The department will review the effectiveness of FY 2020 projects. Interested parties may submit applications via the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Non-Disaster grants system.