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Air Force Selects PEOs for ‘Vanguard’ R&D Effort

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The U.S. Air Force has assigned program executive offices to manage acquisition activities for the service branch’s new Vanguard program.

The Air Force said  Wednesday the PEOs will operate under the service’s Transformational Capabilities Office and focus on prototyping emerging weapon platforms to support the service’s 2030 strategy. The service first announced the Vanguard programs in November.

Weapons PEO Brig. Gen. Anthony Genatempo will oversee the Golden Horde program focused on establishing an integrated weapons system for a network of collaborative autonomous systems.

Col. Dale White, the PEO for advanced aircraft, will manage the Skyborg project involving unmanned aerial vehicles for manned-unmanned teaming applications.

Lt. Gen. John Thompson and Paul Waugh, the respective PEOs for space and agile combat support, will co-lead the Navigation Technology Satellite 3 initiative focused on deploying positioning, navigation and timing technologies and a satellite segment in geosynchronous orbit.

The segment will remain in orbit for a year to help inform the development of reprogrammable GPS capabilities.