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USAF Pilots New Justice Information System

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Air Force’s security arm has initiated the service branch’s new justice information system to spread awareness of factors that threaten the USAF community’s safety.

USAF said Thursday it produced the AF Justice Information System that reports progressive criminal data to security forces. The service branch worked with other service branches and used $5.7M to develop the system in under 10 months.

“Deployment of the system will occur in phases and will go live for all Air Force security forces units – including Reserve and National Guard – by October 31,” said Lt. Col. Sandra Thompson, who leads the AFJIS project.

She said experts from Hanscom Air Force Base, Patrick AFB and Joint Base Andrews will subject the system’s global blotter and case management modules to testing.

The new AFJIS replaces the legacy Security Forces Management Information System that USAF has been employing since the 1990s.

“The total force team will continue to develop and improve the system to include additional capabilities that further enhance the capabilities in our defender toolkit,” Thompson added.