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Grant Schneider Talks Agency Cybersecurity, IT Modernization Progress at CISA Summit

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Jeff Brody
Grant Schneider

Grant Schneider, federal chief information security officer, spoke about federal agencies’ improvement in cybersecurity and information technology modernization at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency summit Thursday, Federal Times reported.

He mentioned how the Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act and the Federal Information Security Management Act have helped the government track and score agencies’ progress when it comes to IT modernization and cyber initiatives.

“We’ve come a long way with agencies, four or five years ago, where we were just starting to get leadership’s attention on this thing called ‘cyber,'” he said at the conference. “We’ve got leadership’s attention and now we’re all able, between CISA and [the Office of Management and Budget] and [the National Institute of Standards and Technology] … to focus on the implementation and adoption of the policies and directives we’ve put out there.”

“We’re able to hold agencies accountable, or at least highlight where they’re at on metrics, and really get a lot of the basic stuff done and done well,” he added.