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NSA to Update Malware Reverse Engineering Tool

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Jeff Brody

The National Security Agency plans to update its open source malware dissection tool with new time-saving and accuracy boost features, Cyberscoop reported Thursday.

The platform, named Ghidra, will feature new processor modules, provide system call support and allow for additional edits. Ghidra is designed to reverse-engineer malware viruses and facilitate related analyses.

Two NSA representatives said Ghidra will also receive Android support in the next months. NSA publicly launched Ghidra five months ago and attracted 150 proposals for code changes.

Brian Knighton, a senior researcher at NSA, and Chris Delikat, a technical lead at the agency’s research directorate, told Cyberscoop they rejected proposals that were determined to slow down or negatively impact Ghidra’s performance. The two applied 110 recommendations to the platform’s code.