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Army Creates Framework to Measure Cyber Agility

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Jeff Brody

The U.S. Army has developed a framework to guide training activities for cyber defense operators, FCW reported Monday. The Army Research Laboratory worked with the University of Texas, San Antonio to construct a set of metrics designed to measure the agility and effectiveness of cybersecurity tactics.

“The cyber agility framework offers a better way of identifying (and predicting) attacks, by taking into account past history of traffic, and allowing an analyst to concentrate on higher order reasoning,” Purush Iyer, division chief of network sciences at Army Research Office, told FCW.

Shouhuai Xu, director of UTSA’s laboratory for cybersecurity dynamics, told FCW the framework features 14 metrics that evaluate cyber agility based on the amount of time an operator uses to address cyber attacks. “Through the framework and limited empirical study, we observed that cyber attackers are more agile than cyber defenders in many cases,” Xu said.