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Terry Carpenter: NBIS Uses AI, Digital Tools to Accelerate Security Clearance Process

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Terry Carpenter, program executive officer for the National Background Investigation Service, said the agency has adopted artificial intelligence and digital tools to collect and sort information on candidates to speed up the security clearance process as part of the Trusted Workforce 2.0 framework, Nextgov reported Thursday. 

“We have a complete list of how the algorithm got to the recommendation. We can click on any piece of data in that decision-making chain and see it. And that gets packaged up as part of the supporting evidence for why decisions were made,” Carpenter said Thursday at the Government Analytics Breakfast Forum. 

NBIS expects the use of AI and digitized data sources to facilitate the “continuous evaluation” structure to reassess clearance holders on a regular basis using new data.

“We already have 1.1 million names in as part of the initiative and it just goes through the data sources on some reoccurring schedule set by the business rules and if an anomaly comes up, then we look at the anomaly and decide what to do with it,” Carpenter said at the event hosted by REI Systems and Johns Hopkins University.