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Heather Wilson, Gen. David Goldfein: Air Force Launches Efforts to Project US Power in Arctic Region

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Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein have said the service has begun to develop a strategic vision for the Arctic region to ensure its capability to meet the National Defense Strategy’s objectives.

“We must be ready to defend our security interests and deter aggression by major powers,” Wilson and Goldfein wrote in a Defense News commentary published Wednesday.

They mentioned the military branch’s efforts to project U.S. strength in the Arctic region, such as upgrading space surveillance systems in Thule, Greenland, and exploring approaches to update radars.

“Meanwhile we continue to train and equip for cold weather operations, managing the Defense Department’s oldest polar survival school and retaining the capacity to land on ice with unique, ski-equipped aircraft,” Goldfein and Wilson noted.

Aside from the Air Force’s partnership with Canada, they said the service is exploring opportunities to collaborate with other allies in the Arctic via exercises such as sharing best practices and reconnaissance, weather and communications data.