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Army Research Lab Chemist Aims to Identify Warfighter Injuries with Gold Nanoclusters

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Sasha TeymorianU.S. Army Research Laboratory chemist Sasha Teymorian has started a study to identify cellular injuries sustained by warfighters through the use of synthesized gold nanoclusters.

The Army said Thursday Teymorian, also a postdoctoral research fellow at ARL, will examine the structure and stability properties of the gold nanoclusters at the lab’s Weapons and Materials Research Directorate at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

“One of the projects I am working on is the synthesis of gold nanoclusters conjugated to various proteins,” Teymorian said.

“These bio-stabilized gold nanoclusters exhibit interesting fluorescent properties, and I am working to understand how various external factors such as changes in temperature and pressure influence their fluorescence,” she added.

Teymorian noted that nano-scale materials can help to create new technologies such as sensors, electronics, and energy storage and conversion devices.

Teymorian plans to publish the results after she completes the identification of the bio-stabilized gold nanoclusters and in vivo analysis.

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