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Report: Sequestration to Reduce Predicted Federal IT Spending to $77B by 2018; Robert Haas Comments

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According to an annual industry forecast, federal agencies will spend less on information technology in the next five years than what was originally forecast last year, Federal Times reports. 

TechAmerica Foundation, predicts that by 2018, IT spending will reach $77.2 billion when they originally predicted that IT spending by 2017 in civilian and defense agencies would reach $85.7 billion.

TechAmerica spokesman, Robert Haas, said the new forecast is in part affected by  sequestration, which he said IT spending is not immune to.

The forecast also said that civilian IT spending will increase by about seven percent in five years while defense IT spending will only increase by three percent.

TechAmerica also predicts that the Defense Department‘s base budget in 2018 will be $512 billion and will decline to $506 billion in 2023.

The DoD’s expected fiscal 2013 budget is $525 billion.

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