What Are the Top Boeing Government Contracts?

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What are the top Boeing government contracts? Boeing is one the largest defense companies in the world, with a large portion of revenue from the U.S. government contracts

Boeing is a top exporter and defense contractor in the United States, delivering innovative technologies to federal customers primarily through prime contracts, the Defense Department, and GSA Schedules. In 2021, 49% of its revenue came from the federal government.

Know the top Boeing government contracts here!

1. Air Force Chooses Boeing to Support and Maintain the C-17 Fleet

  • Contracting activity: Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Value: $24 billion
  • Contract type: Sole source, firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Contract date: September 2021
  • Contract duration: 9 years and 8 months

In September 2021, Boeing won the C-17 Globemaster III Sustainment Program contract award with a total maximum value of $23.8 billion. Boeing will support and sustain the C-17 weapon systems’ product support integrator for this project. The C-17 Globemaster III military airlift aircraft is a high-wing vehicle with four engines and a carrying capacity of 169,000 pounds.

Services for the 275 aircraft of the C-17 fleet include aircraft maintenance and modifications, additional staffing, equipment management, logistics, depot-level aircraft maintenance, cybersecurity, and more.

The contract operations include foreign military sales to global partners, including Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Qatar, India, NATO countries, and UAE. The performance period is expected to end by May 2031.

2. Air Force Awards Next Trainer Plane Construction Contract

  • Contracting activity: Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Value: $9.2 Billion
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Contract date: September 2018
  • Contract duration: 16 years

In September 2018, Boeing and Saab (a Swedish aerospace firm) secured the  Advanced Pilot Training aircraft and ground-based training systems contract, which has a maximum value of $9.2 billion. This partnership will produce and develop T-X planes to advance the training capabilities of future pilots.

These will replace the U.S. Air Force’s aging T-38. While the current agreement is to buy 46 simulators and 351 T-X aircraft, the Air Force can demand a maximum of 120 simulators and 475 aircraft with ground equipment.

3. Missile Defense Agency Selects Boeing for Ballistic Missile Integration

  • Contracting activity: Missile Defense Agency
  • Value: $5 Billion
  • Contract type: Indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity
  • Contract date: August 2022
  • Contract duration: 9 years

In August 2022, Boeing received a $5 billion-worth Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) System Integration, Test, and Readiness (SITR) contract award from the Missile Defense Agency. Boeing’s good position in securing the SITR contract was due to its established supply chain, infrastructure, and workforce. Boeing is set to perform engineering, physical and logical integration of the GMD components with Missile Defense systems.

The Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, which Boeing has supported since 1998, targets approaching intercontinental ballistic missiles during the mid-phase of flight and after the firing of rockets. Work will take place in Huntsville, Alabama, with an expected end date of August 2027.

4. U.S. Navy Procures F/A-18 and EA-18G Aircraft to Replace the EA-6B Prowler

  • Contracting activity: U.S. Navy
  • Value: $5.3 Billion
  • Contract type: Multiyear procurement, fixed price
  • Contract date: September 2010
  • Contract duration: 3 years (2012 to 2015)

In September 2010, Boeing was awarded a $5.3 billion contract from the U.S. Navy. Under the multiyear procurement deal, Boeing manufactured 58 EA-18G Growlers and 66 F/A-18E/F Super Hornet aircraft for a total of 124 units.

F/A-18E/F is the U.S. Navy’s most advanced frontline strike fighter capable of forward-deployed air combat operating from 11 aircraft carriers’ decks. EA-18G is the United States’ latest combat aircraft that conducts advanced airborne electronic attack (AEA) missions that replaced the EA-6B Prowlers (Northrop Grumman) in service.

5. Trump’s Administration Selects Boeing for the Air Force One Deal

  • Contracting activity: Trump’s Administration
  • Value: $3.9 Billion
  • Contract type: Fixed-price
  • Contract date: July 2018
  • Contract duration: 6 years

In July 2018, Boeing agreed to a $3.9 billion deal with President Donald Trump. Under the fixed price contract, Boeing will build, modify, develop, and test two new 747-800s, a pair of presidential aircraft.

Boeing 747-800s, with tail codes 28000 and 29000, are airborne White-House aircraft that can transport the president in worst scenarios (e.g., nuclear war) with modified avionics, self-defense systems, and communications. The task order includes a large galley, external stairs, and a communications suite. The performance period is expected to end by December 2024.

6. U.S. Navy Awards Boeing to Manufacture Poseidon 8-A Aircraft for Its Inventory

  • Contracting activity: U.S. Navy
  • Value: $2.4 Billion
  • Contract type: Modification contract from the previous firm-fixed-price, cost-plus-fixed-fee contract
  • Contract date: January 2019

In January 2019, Boeing secured a $2.4 billion contract with the U.S. Navy. Under the P8-A Poseidon contract, Boeing will provide ten aircraft as part of the U.S. Navy inventory of P-8As. As part of foreign military sales, five go to Norway, and four go to the U.K. for 19 aircraft. P8-As are long-range multimission maritime patrol aircraft operating in littoral, maritime, and broad-area environments.

The P8-As are military variants of the Boeing Commercial Next-Generation 737-800 commercial airplanes with modern open mission system architecture, weapon stations on each wing, maritime weapons, and compatibility with an in-flight refueling system. Additionally, P8-As are armed with High Altitude Anti-Submarine Warfare Weapon Capability (HAAWC), allowing them to operate from higher altitudes and remain undetectable by enemy submarines.

7. U.S. Air Force’s F-15EX Fighter Jets Procurement Contract

  • Contracting activity: U.S. Air Force
  • Value: $1.2 Billion
  • Contract type: Indefinite delivery/indefinite quantity
  • Contract date: July 2020

In July 2020, Boeing was awarded an F-15EX advanced fighter jet deal with an upfront engineering cost of $1.2 billion. The contract involves producing the first eight F-15EX fighter aircraft. These aircraft are the most advanced version of the F-15 with a digital backbone that will replace the U.S. Navy’s inventory of old F-15C/Ds.

Under the F-15 program contract, Boeing is responsible for the design, integration, development, testing, training materials, technical data, certification, modification, and delivery of the fighter aircraft. Overall, this IDIQ for F-15EX has a ceiling value of nearly $23 billion.

8. U.S. Army Awards the Second Phase of Apache Engine Integration Contract

  • Contracting activity: U.S. Army Contracting Command
  • Value: $240 Million
  • Contract type: Cost-plus-fixed-fee
  • Contract date: December 2021
  • Contract duration: 5 years

In December 2021, Boeing secured a $240 million contract from the U.S. Army. The Apache Improved Turbine Engine Integration Phase II contract requires Boeing to perform research, development, evaluation, and testing during the first two fiscal years of the contract.

Then, Boeing will provide a new turbine engine technology to replace the current engines (from General Electric’s aviation subsidiary) running the Black Hawk and Apache fleets. The work is expected to end by December 2026.


What is the Boeing Company?

Boeing is a world leader in the aerospace and aviation industries, delivering a broad range of products and services to airlines and governments and offering advanced weapons and defense, space, and commercial systems. One of the company’s segments is Intelligence & Analytics, ensuring the nation’s security and safety through hardware and software solutions run by the Boeing Intelligence & Analytics leaders and executives.

What Are Boeing’s Products?

Boeing’s products and services are divided into these systems.

Commercial Systems

Boeing’s commercial systems include commercial airplanes with superior design and efficiency. Boeing has over 10,000 commercial jetliners that require less fuel and less airport noise and emissions, providing passenger and operator convenience.

Defense Systems

Boeing creates solutions to digitally engineer and fine-tune infrastructure and use data insights to resolve maintenance issues before they escalate. So, customers can continue relying on the company’s services and stay one step ahead of predominant threats.

Space Systems

Boeing is experienced in supporting the country’s initiatives to enable safe space exploration and commercial access. The company leads the satellite industry’s major global advancements for commercial and government clients. Also, Boeing builds best-in-class space and communication systems for many uses, including 3D manufacturing capabilities, digital payloads, and more for scientific, military, and commercial uses.


  • Intelligence services: Boeing offers end-to-end intelligence services with expertise in large-scale systems integration, reconnaissance systems, communications systems, surveillance, and more.
  • Commercial services: Boeing’s operations are flexible, reliable, and reliable, with a vast portfolio that caters to commercial aviation needs.
  • Government services: Boeing supports U.S. warfighters through training, sustainment, building, construction, and analytics through contract vehicles.

Innovating the Future of Aerospace and Aviation

Boeing government contracts are one of the most lucrative contracts from the U.S. government. Together with Boeing’s subsidiaries, it provides aircraft, engines, and systems for the Department of Defense’s programs and other government initiatives. The company continuously secures the lion’s share of contracting dollars as it leverages its past performance and track record of experience.

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