Top 10 Government Technology News Sources

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Knowledge is power, especially for government contractors. Having access to relevant and factual news and insights can help you understand the federal contracting field—and how it will move in the future. Furthermore, learning how to navigate the current events and then predict their implications in the future can give the edge over other government contractors.

You must stay abreast with the latest information to stay ahead of the curve. And since the federal IT industry is rapidly evolving, you must stay tuned with these top government technology news sources which can keep up the pace.

Who are the top 10 government technology news sources?

  1. Nextgov

A publishing company under the Government Executive Media Group, Nextgov publishes top federal technology stories daily. They tailor content specifically to federal decision-makers to help them serve the citizens better and perform their functions.

Written and created by experts and thought leaders in the government, academia, and the private sector, Nextgov’s news and insights give an in-depth look at the impact of emerging technologies on federal agencies.

  1. Government Executive

The Government Executive is a powerhouse in the industry. Tracing back to its roots as a print magazine way back in 1969, the Government Executive secured its spot as one of the leading sources of information for senior federal executives. Boasting its wide readership of policymakers and military officials, this online federal news agency helps its influential audience create a more positive impact on society.

The editorial scope of the Government Executive is not limited to publishing the latest news about federal IT. The company also delivers news alerts and insights on any developments that affect the federal executive branch. Government Executive’s reporting assists government executives in creating policies and improving their quality of service to the people.

And above all, the Government Executive also informs its non-government audience about the issues and developments the government faces to help them better understand the landscape.

  1. Federal News Network

The Federal News Network is the world’s first Internet-only all-news radio that delivers the freshest news to federal officers, policymakers, and government contractors. Through their non-political and unbiased reporting, the Federal News Network assists federal managers in understanding the current landscape so they can devise effective policies for the public.

You can catch their daily radio broadcast on 1500 AM throughout the Greater Metropolitan Washington area or browse through their daily publication on their website.

  1. FedTech Magazine

Headquartered in Illinois, FedTech Magazine delivers the latest stories on federal technology that is curated for industry leaders and aspiring technology executives.

The FedTech Magazine is among the other technology websites owned by CDW, an international multi-brand provider of information technology solutions to various industries, such as government, healthcare, and education.

  1. MeriTalk

Made up of an award-winning editorial team, MeriTalk publishes the latest news, insights, and industry analysis about the state of the federal information technology sector. Their editorial content is targeted at senior executives in federal, state, and local government to help them create better policies for society.

Furthermore, MeriTalk focuses on delivering hot-button stories on the following tech areas: Cyber Security Exchange, Cloud Computing Exchange, Big Data Exchange, and Data Center Exchange.

  1. GovCon Wire

Owned and operated by the Executive Mosaic (EM), GovCon Wire is the premier source of news, insights, and analysis of current events affecting federal government contractors. The news publishing agency stays on top of the news regarding the latest government contract awards, high-profile executive moves, M&A activities, and more.

Furthermore, GovCon Wire also brings editorial focus to the federal technology sector. It keeps track of the latest federal IT, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity developments. They tailor content specifically to tech-based government contractors, especially now that federal agencies, particularly the defense department, are modernizing its operations.

  1. GovTech

As part of the family of e.Republic, a media and research company that is focusing on developments for state and local government, GovTech recognizes the role of IT in the development of the government and society. And given how the government relies on tech to optimize its operations, GovTech publishes stories about federal IT, the latest innovations, and its effects on the public sector industry.

  1. FCW

FCW is another publishing arm under the Government Executive Media Group that is geared in delivering the latest information and insights about the federal business landscape. They cover a diverse pool of topics, such as IT Modernization, Digital Government, Cybersecurity, and Acquisition.

This federal news publishing agency assists government tech executives in strategizing for the future. FCW delivers news updates about technology, business management, pending legislation, policy, and profiles of the key decision-makers.

  1. Executive Gov

Similar to other technology websites under Executive Mosaic, Executive Gov is one of the frontrunners in delivering the freshest news about the federal government. This Virginia-based news agency is on top of the current events surrounding Gov 2.0, cybersecurity policy, health IT, green IT, and national security.

Executive Gov also gives the limelight to carefully selected companies and key government executives who created a lasting impact that surpasses the walls of their respective federal agencies.

  1.  Digital gov

And last but not least, the—an official news and resource website by the federal government. Comprised of a team of industry experts, is dedicated to helping the government transform by giving them access to tools, insights, and cutting-edge methods that will federal decision-makers in facing modern challenges.

Modernizing federal tech is an important step for almost all government agencies, especially to Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency who is in charge of securing the nation's cybersecurity defenses.

Why is technology important to the government?

The rapid technological advancement in almost all sectors of society is shaping the future we will all live in. From adapting to the massive digital shift in workplaces to the rising cyber adversaries that threaten national security, the need for cutting-edge technologies has never been more imperative.

The federal government uses technology in many ways, such as centralizing and securing data storage through cloud systems and harnessing artificial intelligence to conduct warfighting training. Additionally, they also use blockchain to make government processes more secure and efficient and even employ contact tracing systems to help the nation combat COVID-19.

Furthermore, modern technology has been instrumental in the development of federal agencies, especially those that belong in the public health, environment protection and conservation, defense, space, and energy sectors.

Are these the only sources for government technology news?

The Internet hosts a wide array of sources for all types of people. Aside from referencing to these top 10 Government Technology News Sources, you can also explore other government resources, like the website of the Government Accountability Office (GAO). GAO publishes non-partisan insights and studies about trends and issues regarding the federal government.

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